Hat Valley High School welcomes international students very much. Our school is a secondary and high school boasting top class academic qualities close to the center of Wellington.

Japanese class Our school accepts international students and supports their English learning and preparation for university entrance preparation. Lower Hut is very close to the capital city of Wellington and can be reached in 15 minutes by bus or train. Our school is proud of our traditional educational policy and has produced many top class scholars for over 80 years.

There are 1,800 students in all schools. Every year for international exchange students to receive the best education, we accept the maximum number of international students to be accepted up to 40 people.

Students of various nationalities such as Japan, Korea, China, Germany, Vietnam, Switzerland, Brazil, etc. are enrolled in our school. Hat Valley High School has a reputation for being rich in international colors. As there are limited numbers of people, please apply as soon as possible.

Students from 9th grade to 13th grade pass through to our school, and students are supposed to receive NCEA, a national certification test of New Zealand. It is also possible to receive IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC etc.


The point of enjoyment of our school

· School enviroment envied by other schools map wellington

· A wide selection of curriculum

· Achievements in various types of sports

· Excellent achievements in music, art and culture

· Recording studio

· Photo development room

· Laboratory with well-equipped equipment

· Two gymnasiums, tennis, basketball, volleyball court, playground

· Comfortable classroom full of carpet tightness and curtain equipment

· Victoria University, Massy University, close to Well Tech Vocational College

· Friendly, familiar atmosphere


After graduation, most students go on to university or vocational school. Our school will fully support international students going to university in Japan and acquiring qualifications necessary for going to universities in New Zealand and abroad.


Hat Valley High School has a full-time lecturer for international students and accepts personal consultation for all foreign students.

A boarding house

We will carefully select host families that are appropriate for each student. It is fully equipped with individual rooms with furniture and three meals a day, as well as laundry facilities. The cost of doing homestay is 200 dollars a week (New Zealand dollar) for a week. It costs another 350 dollars to find homestay. Please acknowledge it.

English learning aid

ESOL (lesson for those who do not speak English) is conducted by professional qualified instructors. Students can also receive learning support for TOEFL and IELTS if necessary. ESOL for science and business English can also be selected at our school.